3D models produced from results of the photogrammetry surveys on Invincible

In 2016 Historic England provided funding to record  vulnerable and at- risk areas of the Invincible wreck. Pascoe Archaeology teamed up with the Nautical Archaeology Society, the University of Southampton and MSDS Marine to survey these areas with the method of photogrammetry. The results of which will be used in a virtual dive tour of the wreck site. Below are some of the results which have been re-rendered by Grant Cox of Artas Media.

Results from the port bow

A section of the port bow was chosen because there were exposed sections of structure relating to all three surviving decks, the gundeck, orlop and hold.

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Results from a section of the starboard side.

A large section of the starboard side lies to the north of the coherent portside. It consists of a section of the hold and orlop. The results from the photogrammetry show large pairs of riders fastened over ceiling planking and frames.

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