Web tour and virtual dive trail.

38 years ago today fishermen Arthur Mack and Melvyn Gofton inadvertently snagged their fishing nets on an underwater obstruction. When they pulled the net up they found attached to it a large piece of timber with wooden treenails and iron bolts. This was the moment the wreck of the Royal Navy’s first Invincible was discovered.

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To celebrate that day, Pascoe Archaeology has launched a virtual dive trail of the site thanks to funding from Historic England. The trail as been developed with Grant Cox of ArtasMedia and Stuart  Graham of CyanSub. The tour has been created from archaeological records consisting of 2D plans, photographs, HD video and the latest 3D photogrammetry models. These records have been gathered from 38 years of archaeological investigations on the site which includes the work of Commander John Bingeman and his team. Grant has created all of the 3D renders, animations and reconstructions and Stuart has built the web platform to display all of this information.

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