Investigations of the wreck of the Northumberland

We have just started a week of diving investigations on the wreck of the 70-gun warship, Northumberland. She wrecked during the great storm of November 26th 1703 on the Goodwin Sands, famously known as the ‘ship swallower’. We’re undertaking the work through funding by Historic England. Recent multi-beam echo sounder surveys by Pascoe Archaeology and MSDS Marine have revealed the site is uncovering due to a migration of a sand bank away from the wreck. There is now an urgent need to identify the archaeological remains of the wreck, which have become exposed.

Pascoe Archaeology has brought a team together from MSDS Marine, Bournemouth University and underwater cameraman, Michael Pitts. We are working together to record as much of the site as possible by video, photography and photogrammetry survey methods. This will lead to a better understanding of the exposed remains and its condition.  To know more see our first video The Northumberland diaries.